Ketchikan Indian Community Housing Authority



Millard + Associates Architects LLC has worked closely with Ketchikan Indian Community Housing Authority (KICHA) under a term contract to meet KICHA’s mission of providing safe, healthy and affordable housing to KIC members. Projects have ranged from small single family homes and duplexes to larger multi-family buildings. The buildings are designed to meet the demanding energy code standards for Energy Star rating as required by Alaska Housing Finance Corporation and HUD.

The recently constructed Upper Jackson St. 7-Plex is a two-story 7,015 sf building that provides five 2-bedroom townhouse style units and two single story 1-bedroom accessible units. The sloping site allowed for grade access on both levels, with the main living areas located on the upper floor to take advantage of the spectacular views. The building form and details are residential in character with an offset gable roof, shed dormers, double hung windows, and a mix of wood and metal siding. Interior spaces were designed allow for natural lighting and ventilation to avoid costly electrical and mechanical system, and exterior decks and patios provide private outdoor space for tenants. Interior finishes and materials were selected that are attractive as well as durable and low maintenance, with two color schemes so all units would not be the same.

Current projects include two new duplex units on an infill site within an existing housing subdivision in the Bear Valley neighborhood of Ketchikan. The design of the two-story building with two 3-bedroom family units is a proto-type that can be modified to fit on other sites owned by the tribe.